Temporary Marketing Manager

Are you struggling to keep on top of your existing marketing?

Have you got something specific you want to promote?

Are you launching a new product or website?

Or does your marketing need a spruce up?

marketing manager icon

I can be your Marketing Manager without any employee costs or long-term commitments.

I can do as much or as little as you need.

Here is a taste of what I can do:

  • Review your existing marketing and suggest improvements
  • Help you figure out exactly what you want from your marketing
  • Create customer profiles to make your marketing focussed on the people you want to attract
  • Write snappy marketing messages and straplines
  • Figure out what to say, and where to say it
  • Logo design, graphic design and branding
  • Regular e-newsletters to keep in the minds of customer’s who aren’t ready to buy just yet
  • Make sure when they are ready to buy, it’s you that they think of
  • Everything to do with your website from start to finish
  • Create a marketing plan you can actually use and that actually works
  • Everything to do with social media from start to finish